• Sherry Ries–Ahhh, the Miss Hulling’s Bakery! Did I want the cupcake with white icing or pink icing? Big decision..
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  • Ah what a great place to shop. Really miss that store, and wish more stores were like that. I’m tired of everything being corporate run instead of local run business that can make their desicions based on customer needs for that particular demographic.
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Stephanie Schram Stock Remembers

Stephanie Schram Stock remembers that her mom, Corinne Schram used to brag about the best meat and produce in town.  The family lived in Olivette from 1967 until 1985 and loved the fact that Dad was always in the store greeting people.

Stephanie’s parents, Louis and Corinne Schram owned a general store in Doniphan, Missouri by the name of Lawrence’s and also excelled in customer service and being in the store as much as possible.

Flotken’s Gift and Catering Brochure

We all took great pride in producing beautiful and high quality catering trays, fruit and gift baskets, steak baskets and just about anything else that our customers desired.  Our experts would assemble these gems 52 weeks a year, for any occasion.  Here is a copy of our gift and catering brochure.

F. Flotken & Sons Fine Foods

With the help of Melvin Simon and Associates, the developer of the St. Louis Centre Project in downtown St. Louis, we opened a New York Style gourmet food and carry out store in 1985.  Here are several articles that were written about the store.