Pictures from Jerry Lerner

These pictures may not be directly related to one of our stores, but a friend of Dad’s who was in the Navy, stationed on Guam during World War II provided these pictures.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Dad’s Picture with Eddie Cantor for Welch’s Wine

If you look in the IMAGE Section of the website, you will see a picture of Eddie Cantor and Dad making a radio commercial for WELCH’S WINE. It seems that Welch’s Grape Juice Company had a batch of fermented grape juice and decided to turn it into wine for sale.  Anyway, Eddie Cantor was hired to do the voice of the product launch.

The funny thing is that I contacted WELCH’S FOOD to try to obtain additional information on the campaign, and no one at Welch’s even knew about the product.  They were very surprised when I e-mailed them the Eddie Cantor Picture for their archives.

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Marilyn Young Remembers

I was a young mother with 4 kids in tow at Flotkens.  Frank always greeted us with a smile.  One time after loading up a grocery cart I found out I had left my wallet at home.  I asked Frank if I could pay him later.  ” No problem!”  I volunteered to write him a note to tell him what I owed, or sign the receipt.  “You’ll remember”, was all he said. 

You should have seen the reaction at Schnucks when I checked out with two items I had forgotten for a dinner party in an hour and then I realized I left my wallet somewhere.  I even offered to leave my watch as collateral!  They looked at me like I had two heads.  After scouring the grocery store I found a friend who could lend me the $3.00.  Gone are the good old days and friendly faces!  We still miss Frank and the produce. And we still live in Olivette, now for 52 years.

Joy Levin Writes

Dear Mike:

Those were the days–the plastic produce bags (that I am sending to you) don’t have the name on it, but your dad got them for me.  Hope you like having them.  We all have so many memories of the store.



(A long time Olivette Resident)