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The Flotken Family thanks you for visiting this website and helping us preserve the memory of how our store became a St. Louis landmark. We ask YOU to become a part of history! Please help us remember any stories, snippets, or anecdotes that you might have about Flotken’s Market and post this history on our blog. The goal is to collect and publish all of these memories in a book. Then we will proudly donate the profits to the a St. Louis Food Pantry.

Flotken’s Supermarket was very different from today’s mammoth grocery stores. Our store represented a time when the pace of life was much slower; stores were smaller and much more personal. You shopped in a store where quality and personal service were top priority and the staff went out of their way to SERVE YOU.

Our family members are constantly reminded of the countless friends and customers that recall their stories and experiences about our store. They talk about the service, the incredibly fresh produce, the freshness of the merchandise, the selection of unique products, and the overall shopping experience that has passed into history.

In order to become a part of this history, please go to the BLOG SECTION of this site and write down your memories, stories and experiences of our store. PLEASE don’t be shy; every memory is important. In addition, any articles, news clippings or pictures that might be lying around in that desk drawer or closet would be greatly appreciated. I would like to scan, post these memories and arrange to have these items returned to you.

If that is not convenient, I will be happy to make arrangements for a personal interview of you or any friends or relatives. You may also contribute any materials via regular mail at, Remember Flotkens.com, 4 Kingston Manor, and St. Louis, MO. 63124. If you provide any documents, pictures of artifacts, I will do my best to see that they are preserved and returned.

In addition, don’t hesitate visit the site from time to time, to see what others and our family have collected and posted and learn some of our store’s contribution to the St. Louis Community.

Thank you in advance for participation in preserving this history for future generations.


Mike Flotken